Name: Clara 

Role: VIST 

Reg. No. 1162-58A

"Hello! My name is Clara and I am a VIST.  

I'm Irish and love travelling and exploring new places. 

I have been a VIST for 4 years and feel very lucky to have found a job that combines the 2 things I like most - parallel universes and making new inventions! I have been studying star maps, galaxies and parallel universes for about 10 years now, so all the stuff that has been happening with Par-Bexia is SO exciting! 

I also make inventions some currently work better than others - but the others just need a bit more work?! 

This project has been totally brilliant because we are actually making contact with the Par-Bexians in a consistent way! It has been especially brilliant that the people of Bexley have been so helpful in teaching us about Bexleyheath and places that are important and significant to them. My  favourite colour is red and I am a huge macaroni and cheese fan.

Name: Gilbert

Role: VIST 

Reg. No. 1163-552B

"Hello! I'm Gilbert. I am a Graduate of Area 123 University with a Masters in collecting and logging information on Parallel Universes. I have been a VIST for 5 years now and one of my core roles at the VIST H.Q is to log all the details of everything that happens in the exact order they happen. I love finding and logging clues and information about Parallel Universes. I love making sure everything is tidy and well assembled and organised. I have spent the last 3 years working on collecting and logging information on Par-Bexia! My dream is to one day to go with the other VISTs to actually visit a Parallel Universe. My main hobbies are playing chess and Tetris. 

Name: Josephine

Role: VIST 

Reg. No. 50009-BB61

My name is Josephine and I have been a VIST for the last 7yrs now.

Though I was born in the UK, I was sent to Jamaica when I was 4 and didn't come back to the UK until I was 16yrs old. My Grandmother came over on the Windrush in 1948 and met my Granddad and settled here. It was a tough time for my grandparents in those days, living in Britain and along with their history and myself having to start afresh when I was 16, I know how lonely and scary it feels to be somewhere, where you feel like you don't belong. That's actually what attracted me to this job!


Though my general skills lie in communication throughout the VIST organisation, when it comes to connecting with those outside of our universe, like those from Par-Bexia, I have the extra special skill of translating calming energy, to help diffuse tensions.


I am usually a happy go lucky person, who loves to talk to people and find out about them and their special skills (as everyone has them) but I do have a side to me that you would not want to get on the wrong side of, if I feel disrespect or there's an unwarranted threat.