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Dear People of Bexleyheath...  Jan, 2019

Here at the VIST H.Q we are SO excited! a GIANT card has come through a wormhole - from Par Bexia!! Inside it says:

"We are coming back to Bexleyheath this summer, we still need your help".

The Par Bexians are coming back!! just like we hoped they would, and THIS TIME the Seniors are coming too to learn all about our place! 

You must go and see it for yourselves! In the meantime we will keep you posted! 


                                   The VISTS

3 have been found!

Scroll down this page to check out all the places we have been going and all the wonderful people we have met and worked with!


People of Bexley - we applaud you! Here is a list of all those we have been working with and the things we've found out...


11th May 2018

Visit to: Upton Primary School

Clara visited Upton Primary School where a group of young people were quite simply - brilliant!!! They helped her piece together different clues and created loads of work all about Bexley and how they care for where they live. 

We worked with 60 children at Upland Primary School to investigate clues and create work about Place Care. The children were literally experts on parallel universes - which was very handy! We created lots and lots of work to send to Par Bexia - whilst we were there - new messages came through on Clara's special equipment! It was a very exciting day! 

22nd May 2018

Visit to: Upland Primary School 
Visit to Creative Writing Group @ Revival Cafe

1st June 2018 

We visited the Creative writing group in a wonderful cafe in Bexley. There was tea, cake and lots of creativity. The group wrote some beautiful pieces about: Bexley, the characteristics of Bexley, the things they think Par-Bexia could learn from their interpretations of Bexley and how Bexley could be different. See and listen to the extracts below as outcomes of this hugely insightful afternoon. 

2nd June 2018 

Bexleyheath Community Celebration Day! 

Clara and Suha hit the streets of Bexleyheath to meet the public and get their help in working out what Par-Bexia might be trying to communicate and how we can help them. This was a fascinating day - we met older people, younger people, paramedics, local shop owners and even the Mayor of Bexley! 

Creative Women's Group @ Pincott Hall

4th June 2018 

Clara and Suha spent the morning finding out about places in Bexley that a group of ladies love! Bexleyheath Broadway emerged as one of the places for 'clothes shopping (not food shopping)'. Other places mentioned were the Meadows and Danson Park. The group were great fun and very welcoming. We made special news features and one lady invited us to her home to see a very special example of 'Place Care' in terms of how she has transformed part of her driveway into a positive communal space (see the Live News! page for this footage). 

5th June 2018 

Youth Group @ Slade Green and Howbury Community Centre

Clara and Suha spent the afternoon with 14 young people who were very good at picking up on communications sent from Par-Bexia. They detected a 'beep bep' and funny screechy noises. Things are certainly getting busy for our Vists who are working hard to decode these noises detected! The group created their own pods and did some video work (see the Live News! page). All of the young people were brilliant at code cracking, playing games, drama work and thinking about how they can ensure their worlds are a positive place. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Friday Group, BexleyHeath

8th June 2018 

Clara and Suha and the team visited 'The Friday Group' in Bexleyheath and had loads of fun! There was lots of laughter from the beginning and the 'name sucker' machine was put to great use in getting to know everyone. This group had lots of say about how the community of Bexley could be more supportive of each other and the ways in which their group demonstrates lots of the qualities that could be more present in everyday life (being kind to each other, looking after each other). We decided to transform the groups' ideas into short drama pieces which helped the excellent conversations we'd been having - come to life! The group loved meeting the pod and the pod loved meeting the group!  This was a really special morning all round. 

St Catherine's Catholic School

18th June 2018 

Clara and Suha spent the morning with 30 fabulous students who decoded even more messages from Par Bexia. It certainly sounds like the situation is getting more urgent!

The students devised a unique street dance for the project - that we hope will become a craze to spread throughout Bexleyheath and beyond!!! We are almost sure now that we have nearly enough local knowledge to help the Par Bexians inside the pods to come out and about. The students of St Catherine's produced some brilliant drama pieces about what would be important to teach the Par Bexians and they helped design games for next week in the Broadway! Thank you St Catherines and hope to see you soon! 

21st June 2018 

Pelham Primary School

The team visited Pelham Primary School!!! We spoke to 450 students and teachers! This school is SO friendly and the children were very knowledgeable about parallel universes and how we need to help the Par Bexians. The pod came to life in the assembly and seemed really excited to be with the children. We then did 2 very special workshops with 2 different classes of young people. They produced a rap! and a street dance! The pod made noises we have never heard before and even seemed to be dancing at some points! 

This was our last workshop of this phase and we can confirm.... WE HAVE ENOUGH SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE TO COMPLETE THE SAFETY CLOTHING FOR THE PAR BEXIANS!! this means next week we will be able to meet them and show them Bexleyheath next week. 

Our new mission is to collect enough fuel to get them home.... help us! 

23rd June 2018 

Bexleyheath Broadway Windrush Event

Clara and Josephine hit the streets of Bexleyheath to meet more local people and get the word out about next week. Josephine is very skilled and important in the VIST community - so it was really great to have her there. She thought Bexley was a very special place and we met loads of really interesting people. The Windrush event was excellent and Josephine's Grandparents were from the Windrush generation so it was important to make the link between what is happening with Par-Bexia as outsiders coming here and what happened with those on the Windrush. It was a brilliant celebration of cultures and skills and community.