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   -- July 2019 --


Dear People of Bexleyheath...     We did it!!!


The people of Bexleyheath provided enough knowledge of their town to help the Par Bexians with their parallel universe of Par Bexia.


We’ve finally heard from the Par Bexians to say they were transported back safely and have arrived home!


If you were on the Broadway on 6th July, you will have seen them go… it was quite a sight.





                                                      The VISTS

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Blog Entry: Aug 2018


Dear People of Bexley...​

We are sad and happy to announce the Par Bexians have returned back to Par Bexia. We have received clear signs to indicate everything went well and all 4 of them are home. 

In the time that they were with us, the whole community came together to welcome them, teach them and work with us to ensure they were safe and able to explore Bexleyheath.


When the pods first arrived we toured schools and community groups . These groups produced vital material that helped to repair the safety clothing the Par Bexians were then able to wear on the streets of Bexleyheath. With pouches filled with local knowledge about place - the Par Bexians could survive in this special clothing in our atmosphere. 

Over the last week lots of different school children, older residents and families got involved in our street activities which helped to produce vital knowledge to power the Par Bexians descent back to Par Bexia. We had collected this knowledge within a Bexometer each day. 

People of Bexleyheath.... thank you for joining us on this adventure. We have reason to believe it is not yet over so, as they say, watch this space! 

                                     The VISTS